Steve Murillo

Steve Murillo
Free Lecture
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ET Intervention and The Evolution of Human Consciousness

Saturday, February 23 - - - 1:00PM to 1:45AM - - - Century C

Man's contact with UFOs and extraterrestrial beings continues to shape human consciousness. Is this interaction part of a Grand Plan to boost human consciousness to the next level or is it an ET Agenda that is yet to be understood? In this lecture, you will hear accounts of both abduction and contact, and make up your own mind on this important question. Live discussion will follow. Experiencers and Abductees are encouraged to attend and give their own accounts if they wish.

Steve Murillo attended the United States Naval Academy and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Systems Engineering in 1982. He was an officer in the Marine Corps, attended flight school, and served for 7 years of active duty. Then at TRW, he became the power subsystem engineer for the TDRSS (Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System.) Murillo was the Director of MUFON LA for thirteen years, and now heads up UPARS LA, the UFO and Paranormal Research Society, Los Angeles.

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