Ahmed el Feqy

Ahmed el Feqy
Divine Wisdom & Alchemy at Sacred Sites

Sunday, Feb 24 – 4:00pm- 5:30pm – Newport B

This presentation is about the sacred wisdom revealed from decades of experience working with sacred sites, indigenous wisdom keepers & esoteric spiritual traditions. The experience at these mystical temples has the potential to transform our lives, heal our blockages, revolutionize our way of thinking & our relationship to Divinity. Sharing techniques for Awakening, evidence of advanced prehistoric civilizations with free energy utilizing holistic sacred science of nature, universal physics & divine principles. Speaking about Spiritual Alchemy as a path to Self Mastery & experiencing Heaven on Earth. Join us on these intriguing life changing journeys!

Ahmed el Feqy is the Founder of the Sungate & Stargate Tours Spiritual Alchemist & Adept of the Timeless Wisdom Traditions. Ahmed leads sacred journeys to the sacred sites around the planet with a focus on self mastery & direct experience of the Divine. He’s a spiritual guide and independent researcher of ancient Mysteries, Mystery Schools & advanced prehistoric civilizations. (Stargate-tours.com)