Ahmed el Feqy

Ahmed el Feqy
Divine Source Temple Activation

Sunday, Feb 24 – 4:00pm- 5:30pm – Newport B

Ahmed will transmit a temple activation to ground our energies in the core heart of the Earth and link our bodies to the 6th Dimension & Divine Self. Working with pure Source, the Master Alchemists of Andromeda & Harmonic Realms of Nature. As a demonstration of the work he does leading spiritual groups on sacred journeys to the sacred sites of Egypt & Peru, opening multi-dimensional gates for healing & Awakening to Divinity.

He will share more about this experience working with highly sensitive energetics at sacred sites, the Inner planes, indigenous wisdom, Mystery School Traditions, Star Knowledge, Advanced Prehistoric Civilizations, Free Energy, Spiritual Technology, Ascension, Universal, Quantum & Metaphysics.

This is an invitation to journey back home to the living Temples, receive the transmissions and Awaken to Divinity.

Ahmed El Feqy is the Founder of the Sungate & Stargate Tours. He’s a spiritual alchemist, energy healer, mystic & Adept of the Timeless Wisdom Tradition. He leads spiritual healing journeys to the sacred sites around the planet with a focus on Divinity & Self Mastery. Working with pure Source, the Celestial Realms & higher dimensional frequencies as a catalyst connecting people to their Higher Self & bridging Heaven on Earth. (The-Sungate.com)