Billy Carson Post Conference

Billy Carson Post Conference
Post Conference
Hermetic Principles and Thoth The Power of the Spoken Word

Monday, February 25th – 8:00pm - 10:30pm – Carmel Ballroom
$75.00 In Advance $95.00 At the Door

Post Conference Description Coming Soon

Billy Carson appreciates the dedication and hard work it takes to accomplish great things. Recently, Mr. Carson earned the Certificate of Science (with an emphasis on Neuroscience) at M.I.T. Among his most notable achievements, Billy is the CEO of First Class Space Agency based in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Specifically, his space agency is involved in research and development of alternative propulsion systems and zero point energy devices.


2018 Knowledge For Ascension

2017 What If (Documentary)

2017 DocUFObia (Documentary)

2017 Ancient Civilizations (TV Series)

2017 Beyond Belief with George Noory (TV Series)

2017 Life beyond Our Existence (Documentary)

2017 Buzzsaw with Sean Stone (TV Series)

2016 The Anunnaki Series (TV Series documentary short)

2016 Deep Space (TV Series documentary)

2016 Baltic Sea Anomaly: The Unsolved Mystery (documentary)

2015 UFAH Favorites (Video short)

2012 Countdown to Apocalypse (TV mini-Series documentary)