Brandy Weld, Sandra Biskind

Brandy Weld, Sandra Biskind
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Upgrade Your Codes - Upgrade Your Life!

Sunday, February 24 - - - 1:00PM to 1:45PM - - - Century B

Did you know that we all have codes in our DNA that drive and determine our life experience?

It’s true. The way you attract or repel relationships, the way you attract or repel money, your health and how you feel about yourself, even the level of success you'll allow yourself to have-- are all controlled by these codes!

If you want to improve any of these areas of your life, you will first need to upgrade these codes! And that is where the work Sandra Biskind and Brandy Faith Weld come into play.

Just in their presence, your codes will be automatically upgraded. In this 50 minute workshop, you will:

  • Learn more about these codes and how they are determining your life experience
  • Receive an activation to clear out limiting codes
  • Receive corrections and liberation from past life karma
  • Leave with upgraded codes (and a higher frequency) to create and experience your life from instead!


brady-s-friend-300.jpgSandra Biskind is an international speaker, spiritual mentor, and #1 bestselling author. She has a unique gift to identify and eradicate the unconscious programs that undermine success — instantly amplifying her client’s ability to live freely and thrive. Using her unprecedented laser-like techniques, Sandra takes the brakes off your unconscious, freeing you to accelerate into the thrilling experience of a life without limits.


Some people call her a miracle worker and others just call her the Energy Alchemist, but whatever they call her, they all speak in high gratitude of how Brandy Faith Weld has helped them eliminate the blocks that once kept them stuck, and has forever changed the trajectory of their lives! Brandy is the author of the international #1 bestselling book, Heal Your Heart ~ Free Your Mind, and the creator of Jump To A Better Life Experience. She has been involved in personal development work for over 26 years and uniquely bridges science and quantum physics with ancient wisdom.