Clarice Chan

 Clarice Chan
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Ba Zi : Your Four Pillars of Destiny

Sunday, February 24 - - - 10:00AM to 10:45AM - - - Century A

Ba Zi or Four Pillars is translated using your date and time of birth into a set of Elements and Chinese Zodiacs. Once your Four Pillars are set up, we will be able to see how these elements are affecting you.

The traditional Chinese places a lot of emphasis on luck and destiny. Is there a such a thing as a fixed destiny for each individual? If so, how can you change to make it work better for you? For more details, join me at this lecture.

Clarice Chan is a Singaporean Feng Shui Master with a deep connection to the metaphysical realm. She works throughout Singapore and Southeast Asia, ,Australia, New Zealand,United Kingdom and the United States. She will once again be offering guidance through using the Tarot, Numerology and Chinese BA ZI (Chinese Astrology). 

Visit Clarice in her Booth #451 in the International Ballroom.

Clarice is also an accomplished writer and contributes to renowned magazines worldwide. Her latest publication, “Your Fortune in 2019 ” is available online at