Dawn Lynn

Dawn Lynn
Free Workshop
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Hear Your Inner Voice

Sunday, Feb 24 - 12:00pm - 1:30pm - Newport B

Vrooooooooom…zoom… screeeeeeech… CRASH. Those noises are your thoughts racing a million miles a minute. Thoughts which are often born from fear and expectation. This voice often drowns out the whisper of your inner voice that motivates, supports, loves, and tries desperately to direct you towards your purpose.

Do you hear the whisper? Or do you inadvertently (or purposefully) ignore it until the proverbial two-by-four hits you across the head? Either way, you can learn to amplify your inner voice by embracing 4 simple philosophies and taking simple steps everyday to listen and bring yourself into alignment with your life purpose.

Internationally acclaimed speaker, author, and medium, Dawn Lynn is dedicated to supporting individuals in utilizing their intuition. With 10+ years experience, she has inspired thousands of individuals through lectures, YouTube, her blog, and book, One.