Delaney M Toups

Delaney M Toups
Free Lecture
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Terpenes: Nature's Healing Gift to Humankind

Sunday, February 24 - - - 5:00PM to 5:45PM - - - Century D

-Delaney will discuss what terpens are what their role is in nature.
-How the healing properties of terpenes can be accessed and used in our lives. 
-How terpenes work in conjunction with the healing properties of CBD, THC, and even antibiotics to empower and enhance their healing effectiveness. 

Delaney M Toups Spent 25 years in the holistic health industry helping people with his knowledge of eastern medicine and Shiatsu. The last 10 years Delaney has been immersed in the Cannabis Industry as a leader in extraction and medical product development and research.

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