Diana Maxwell

Diana Maxwell
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Crystalline Pyramid Light Body Activation

Sunday, February 24 - - - 12:00PM to 12:45PM - - - Century D

Using the ancient powers of sacred geometry and guided visualization build your pyramidal light body matrix.

Integrate ancient elemental sacred geometry principles with your own power to imagine, visualize and activate.

Diana received this activation download after spending time inside the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Egypt. Diana will lead you on a guided journey to activate Sacred Pyramid and Elemental light codes at 12 levels of your inner and outer crystalline structure. After this initiation and with practice, once mastered your ability to materialize in your chosen frequency zone will only be a thought away. Igniteyourlifepath.com

Diana experienced a profound spiritual breakthrough kundalini experience when she was 25 that changed the course of her life radically. Diana has trained 1000’s of people in holistic healing arts and bodywork to State Certification level. She recently partnered with Sacred Land Travels taking people on mystical journeys to Egypt, Ireland, Peru and beyond. www.sacredlandtravels.com. Diana has 30 years of experience working with clients to release issues held in the cell memory of the tissues. In her coaching practice she combines body/mind/spirit focusing techniques with Hypno-Linguistics® ~The Emotional Kaleidoscope™®~ InVison™® and powerful Sabotage Reversal techniques. She has plenty of tools to assist you in aligning with your intentions and making them real.