Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe MD

Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe MD
This workshop requires a Day Pass.
Medical Spiritual Healing
Through Spiritual Transformation

Friday, February 22nd – 8:00pm - 9:30pm – Los Angeles A
$30.00 In Advance $40.00 At the Door

Seeking Shelter from the Storms of Life and Drink Deeply from the Waters of Truth    

In this extraordinary workshop, you will discover:

  • Insight into a healing experience that will open you up to your own  infinite healing possibilities
  • Ancient Sufi practical wisdom that will help you reduce stress, anxiety, fears
  • A Deeper connection to the Divine Essence
  • Discover the root cause of illness

There will be healing demonstrations, meditations, and teachings on the Ancient Sufi Healing Secrets.  Dr. Jaffe's Medical Spiritual healing methods have proven to bring about powerful spiritual realizations and healings by connecting to the Source of Pure Love and the Essence of the Divine.

Ibrahim Jaffe, MD has pioneered Medical Spiritual Healing (MSH) worldwide which integrates the secrets of Sufi Spiritual Healing with traditional western and complementary medicine. Over 100,000 people have received benefits from MSH certified Healers helping individuals uncover the psychological, emotional, and spiritual causes of their disease with miraculous results. Dr. Jaffe is Chancellor of the University of Medical Spiritual Healing and is also a spiritual guide (Murshid Murabai Ruhi) within the Sufi Tradition.