Dylan Monroe

Dylan Monroe
Free Lecture
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The Deep State Mapping Project

Sunday, February 24 - - - 6:00PM to 6:45PM - - - Century C

In 2017, Dylan started the "Deep State Mapping Project" in response to the changing political climate in America.  His "Q-Web" spread virally across the dark web in 2018, becoming a worldwide phenomenon.  It was published by the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the exhibit “Everything is Connected” in September 2018. 

Dylan Louis Monroe is an American artist currently based in Cincinnati, Ohio.  He holds a BFA in fashion from Parsons School of Design.  While working in the fashion industry in New York from 2007 thru 2014, Dylan contributed designs to Marc Jacobs, Hugo Boss, Derek Lam, and Coach.

Dylan is now focused on fine art and its application to his own vision of fashion.  

Dylan is currently the administrator of www.deepstatemappingproject.com, and the Instagram account @masterconspiracy.  Lately he has been touring through truth & metaphysical related conventions, speaking and exhibiting the Deep State Mapping Project.

Visit Dylan in his Booth#733 in the Pacific Ballroom