Elizabeth Peru

Elizabeth Peru
This workshop requires a Day Pass.
Becoming Cosmic Messengers:
Channeling Soul’s Voice

Sunday, February 24th – 10:00am - 11:30am – Los Angeles B
$30.00 In Advance $40.00 At the Door

Each of us has a unique message to share with the world and as we learn how to consciously channel our soul's voice, we become true messengers of the cosmos. In this inspiring, fun, and practical workshop, you'll interact with head and heart, personality and soul, bringing through and recording your own divine wisdom. You'll learn how we're all cosmic citizens, with lifetimes of knowledge to remember and apply in our everyday life. Receive your own answers about pressing life questions, your life's direction and purpose. Elizabeth will lovingly guide you to 'experience your soul' through Discussion, Visualization, and Guided Meditation.

Elizabeth Peru is an Australian Cosmic Guide and author of The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast. She’s also a Hay House author with ‘Cosmic Messengers.' Since 2003, Elizabeth has worked globally to uplift and shift humanity with her down to earth and practical reporting of upcoming planetary and energy trends. Her Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast is now the globe's premier energy forecast with readership in over eighty countries worldwide, focused upon bringing cosmic knowledge into the mainstream.