Enric Corbera Post Conference

Enric Corbera  Post Conference
Post Conference
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Bioneuroemocion: A Method for Emotional Wellbeing
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Monday, February 25th – 10:00am - 3:00pm – La Jolla

When we have conflicts with other people or when we are sick, it's important that we take time to stop our thoughts and inquire into ourselves. If we quiet the mind, we will be able to recognize emotions that we have repressed by our beliefs. These repressed emotions in our relationships weaken our body and contribute to the emergence of diseases. In these situations, it is important to ask: is it possible to make internal changes that favor our recovery?  In this workshop, Enric Corbera explains in detail what Bioneuroemoción is and in what way it can facilitate our recovery. Through the presentation of real cases, he offers us multiple tools and resources so that we can apply them in our daily life, in order to recognize the power that we all have to promote our health.

Enric Corbera  After devoting more than twenty years to research and training in various disciplines, Enric promotes a holistic view of well-being in a comprehensive and understandable way because he considers that our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs influence our body and environment. Enric is the creator of the Bioneuroemoción method and founder of Enric Corbera Institute, a leading educational organization in scientific, philosophical, and humanistic knowledge about the management of emotions and personal well-being. He has a degree in psychology, is an international lecturer before thousands of attendees, and communicator with millions of online viewings.

In 2013 Corbera was recognized as Ambassador of Peace, a distinction granted by Mil Millennia de Paz and Fundación PEA. Through his books, of great international success, Enric Corbera offers answers for all those people who do not believe in coincidences and want to choose how to live.