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Lucid Dream Control

Sunday, Feb 24 – 12:00pm- 1:30pm – Marina

Discover techniques to guarantee lucid dreaming. Learn how to create and manifest your intentions through powerful dream control. Heal your mind, body, and Soul through lucid dreaming. You will discover the secrets to instantly create the change you desire in your life while you are asleep! Dream control is a perfect spring board to many metaphysical experiences including Astral travel with absolute awareness and recall! You will love learning the infinite possibilities of lucid dreaming and flying in your sleep every night! This is a fun and exciting medium to accomplish all of your goals! Experience a powerful group session!

Geozuwa is an Ascended Healer passionate about getting people out of their own way to access their Infinite potential.  He teaches all levels to easily connect to Source realizing they are powerful healers and absolute creators.  Geozuwa offers the best in Hypnosis services, CDs, Hypnosis Certification, NLP Trainings, and Psychic, Metaphysical, and Healing Workshops. Geozuwa is the author of The Other Side: Visit Now! and host of SoulMate Talk TV.