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The Other Side: Visit Now!

Saturday, February 23 - - - 10:00AM to 10:45AM - - - Century B

Imagine visiting and communicating with your loved ones who have passed away any time you wish! You absolutely can! Discover how you can easily be face-to-face with your Spirit Guides on the Other Side to learn valuable information about your life, your path, and your future! Learn how you can easily be healed by visiting the Other Side. Geozuwa continues to guide countless clients and students to the Other Side and back with miraculous results on every level!


Ascended Healer, Geozuwa, is passionate about getting people out of their own way to access their Infinite potential. He teaches, all levels, to easily connect to Source realizing they are powerful healers and absolute creators. Geozuwa offers the best in Hypnosis services, CDs, Hypnosis Certification & NLP Trainings, Psychic, Metaphysical, and Healing Workshops. He is the author of The Other Side: Visit Now! and host of SoulMate Talk TV.

Visit Geozuwa in Booth #516 in the Grand Hallway