Ginger Ravencroft

Ginger Ravencroft
Free Lecture
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Heal, Love, Joy, Success - Aromatherapy

Saturday, February 23 - - - 4:00PM TO 4:45PM - - - Century A

Ginger Ravencroft of Ravenscroft Escentials will be demonstrating how organic essential oils affect the brain and body through various applications of inhalation, physical anointing, and oral ingestion. Learn how to stay in a high vibration, let go of fear, heal all pain, lose weight, release emotional traumas, get great sleep, and feel joy! Enjoy live demonstrations to experience the wonders of these magnificent gifts of nature.


Ginger Ravenscroft's divinely led passion since 1995 is sharing with the world and how incredibly powerful and loving mother nature is. Her oils have been touted as the purest, most divine, and rarest in the world.

Visit Ginger in Booth #305 in the International Ballroom.