Gregory Hoag

Gregory Hoag
Free Lecture
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Sacred Geometric Keys to Accessing your Multidimensional Body

Saturday, February 23 - - - 5:00PM to 5:45PM - - - Century A

Through a vivid slide show and spinning energetic geometries experience opening to your higher multidimensional self.  Learn the best way to transcend with the increasing cosmic energies revealed by Russian science and NASA.  Discover which Sacred Geometric keys assist ascension and the many geometries that don’t.  We will share the tools necessary to overcome electromagnetic pollution, stress, negative emotions and environmental toxins. Take your next step in spiritual evolution by grounding unconditional love and joy. 

Gregory Hoag, scientist, author and expert in Sacred Geometry and consciousness for over 40 years.  Following a spiritual awakening (Kundalini) in 1981, he started communicating with higher dimensions and creating energetic tools through his business, Metaforms.

Visit Gregory and Gail Hoag in their Booth #150 in the International Ballroom