Hanson Tse

Hanson Tse
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Birthing the New Humanity

Saturday, February 23rd – 8:00pm - 9:30pm – Los Angeles B

In this special workshop, visionary master healer Hanson Tse guides a powerful experience of creating ourselves in our best expression and building the world in that image.  Releasing judgments and energetic blockages, we uncover deep connection with ourselves and others. From there we open to a Consciousness of Potential and forge a bold future in which we embrace Love, Acceptance, and Understanding for the Common Good.  Those seeking an experience of energy, healing, ascension, or spirituality must not miss it. Recipients of Hanson’s work consistently report “incredible” and “amazing” transformations beyond what they expected. Let’s create the New Humanity now.


Hanson Tse is a Visionary Healer and founder of WAMBI Exploration, an overarching approach to understanding the human condition. The resulting healing is unique and comprehensive, addressing virtually any condition and upgrading consciousness simultaneously. He is Executive Producer on James Fox's upcoming UFO documentary. 

Visit www.hansontse.com for more.