Helaine Harris

 Helaine Harris
Free Workshop
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You Are the Beloved - Live Your Mission

Sunday, Feb 24 - 2:00pm - 3:30pm - Newport B

Dance through life into the heart of God. Experience the quiet tender breaths of love. Embrace all of who you are with your foibles, missteps and screw-ups. You are already loved.
We’ll release outdated beliefs, clear old heart walls and raise your energy frequency. Embrace Love and Power. Know your true magnificence. Invite in the wealth and Guidance that is available. Feel Angels and God talk, sing, dance, write and breathe through you as you take a step closer to bringing forth your gifts and mission.
Allow God and angels to assist you in taking your next Divine Step and movement in your life. Welcome home!  

Helaine Z. Harris, LMFT, is a multisensory intuitive business coach, psychotherapist and shamanic healer for 35+ years who’s passionate about assisting clients called to BE and DO MORE. She trains folks to access Soul Power to fuel their mission from their Heart. She assists clients to RAPIDLY breakthrough blocks to their goals and next steps.