Helaine Harris

Helaine Harris
Free Lecture
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Divine Alchemy and Abundance

Saturday, February 23 - - - 4:00pm to 4:45pm - - - Century D

There is wealth all around and yet many close their eyes to the rich harvest. The deficiency some feel is from believing their outdated conditioning and past experiences. Let’s get you past that struggle. We’ will clear the shadow energies and fear -- of your aliveness and True Heart power. It'’s time to engage alchemy to invite in wealth on all levels. We wi’ll open the Abundance Energy Line in you so it'’s easier increase your wealth factor.


Helaine Z. Harris, LMFT, empowers clients to transform their lives and businesses, helping them magnetize love and abundance. With over 35 years as a psychotherapist, shamanic healer, and intuitive business coach, Helaine is the founder of an Awakening Center™ and has helped thousands awaken, live their dreams, and increase their income.

Visit Helaine in Booth #154 in the International Ballroom.