Jaya Sarada

Jaya Sarada
Free Lecture
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Divine Soul Empowerment: The Light of Being

Sunday, February 24 - - - 2:00pm to 2:45pm - - - Century D

With the Light you can change the world. This is the teaching of the Council of Light. For Truth to become a reality you must know yourself as a divine being. We welcome you to our circle of Light where you will receive holy frequencies that will heal the core of separation, opening your heart to the Light of Being. Seek the Kingdom First and you will know Heaven. Crystal sounds, sacred anointing, and the breath of the Divine will enhance your experience. Book signing and sacred oracle available.


Jaya Sarada is the author of many transformational books and the director of two vibrational healing centers on the Oregon Coast. In her ever-evolving work she offers Divine Light healing sessions, Divine transmissions, and inspired guidance leading you to the Light of Being, your source of Divine empowerment.