JC Gordon

JC Gordon
Free Lecture
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Survive the Forthcoming Financial Crisis

Saturday, February 23 - - - 9:00AM to 9:45AM - - - Century C

JC Gordon is a former banker and financial analyst who managed several hundred million dollars on behalf of his clients. Prior to his 1996 near death experience his main reason for living was for monetary successes. His NDE took him to the essence of consciousness that lies beyond the constraints of time. He was downloaded the perspective of 100% consciousness by its Creator and told to go back and “Tell All Who I Am.” This lecture reveals an important aspect of that mission surviving the greatest financial crisis ever that is about to take place.


JC Gordon is an international speaker, author, and Founder of the Grail Academy of Higher Consciousness. His latest 2 books Beyond Consciousness and The Quest to Perfection are quickly being accepted by many as mankind’'s next great consciousness leap forward.


Visit JC in Booth #300 in the International Ballroom.