Joe Blanton

Joe Blanton
Free Lecture
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Vibrational Quantum Physics Self-Healing

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 24 - - - 7:00PM TO 7:45PM - - - CENTURY C

Vibrational Self-Healing is simply enhancing Communication on a cellular level & beyond… Our bodies do the rest. Coherent frequencies bring the body into Balance and Energetic Homeostasis. Immediately bringing cell to cell communication in the area of concern, and cellular repair begins immediately. It’s “self-healing, or no healing”. Our blood is 94% water. WATER energized for 3 minutes, Increased the LIFE FORCE ENERGY about 30% using the GDV Bio-Photonic camera and brought resonance to the bio-field.

Joe Blanton stopped listening to doctors over 40 years ago, he recovered and has been healthy ever since. Finding Vibrational SELF-Healing over 10 years ago Joe has been on a mission to offer the Self-Healing tools to everyone!

Visit Joe in his Booth #85 in the International Ballroom