Kaitlyn Keyt

  Kaitlyn Keyt
Free Workshop
This Workshop requires a Day Pass
Interactive PLAYshop

Saturday, February 23 - 8:00pm - 9:30pm - Newport B

Come experiment, play, and experience the wonders of vibrational energy.
Learn how to do fun, simple, and scientifically magical energy work, and how
to test energy with tools. EVERYTHING is Vibrational ENERGY!

Understanding it opens our world up to exciting new discoveries and
solutions. Time will fly on this edge of your seat Learning Journey! You
can do so much more than you realize! Leave this workshop feeling confident
in your expanded wisdom and abilities. Complimentary energy charging and
testing tools to all attendees. ($70 Value)

Kaitlyn Keyt, 11 time visionary awarded inventor, speaker and founder of
'VibesUP' - Vibrational Therapy education and tools. Kaitlyn studies Nature
for the answers to life's BIG questions, bringing common sense
understandings we can apply to our everyday lives.