Kaitlyn Keyt

Kaitlyn Keyt
Free Lecture
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The Other Side of Grounding

Friday, February 22 - - - 7:00pm to 7:45pm - - - Century D

Learn the importance of The OTHER SIDE of GROUNDING. Like all of nature, we humans are designed to draw energy IN and release energy OUT.

Rather than swing the pendulum too far either way, nature can teach us the perfect 'life generating' ratio of IN and OUT. Learn the secret Keys of Vortexs. Which way does Black Tourmeline SPIN? Is your brain 4 Vortexs? All who attend receive a Nature 'perfect vortex' Gift. 

Kaitlyn Keyt, 11 time visionary awarded inventor, speaker and founder of 'VibesUP' - Vibrational Therapy education and tools. Kaitlyn studies Nature
for the answers to life's BIG questions, bringing common sense understandings we can apply to our everyday lives.

Visit Kaitlyn in her Booth #100 in the International Ballroom.