Lai Ubberud

Lai Ubberud
Free Lecture
A Day Pass is required to attend this Lecture
Tarot for Fun

Friday, February 22 - - - 7:00PM to 7:45PM - - - Century C

Tarot Cards and their Meanings

What do tarot cards really say to people? Do they answer questions? Lai and Robert will demonstrate the meaning of cards by having one person draw a card at a time to address a specific question. Once drawn, Lai and Robert will explain what that card means with regards to that particular question. Cards will be drawn and read as time allows.

Direct Past Life Readings

Lai explains the repetitive patterns in our lives and why we have certain phobias, likes or dislikes for things, people, or places. Sometimes our illnesses, sicknesses, and fears come from one or more past lives and if we can find out that life or lives we can start healing. She also tells about the principles of reincarnation and gives one past life to as many members of the audience as possible. If there is any time left, she will answer questions about reincarnations.


Lai Ubberud has received Houston Press’s awards for: “Best Psychic/Best Pet Psychic”. She is a medium, intuitive, psychic, animal communicator, past life medium, and author of “Celebrity Pets Tell All”. She has been featured in radio and TV shows, is an expert judge for Glamour Magazine, and is in the Glamour Hall of Fame.