Leslie Anne Scatena

Leslie Anne Scatena
Free Lecture
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Past Life Regression Guided Meditation

Sunday, February 24 - - - 12:00PM to 12:45PM - - - Century C

Through 3 brief guided meditations, Leslie will show you how to ground yourself, protect your personal space, and gently guide you into a past life where you will see where you were, who you were and what took place, which will help you better understand the person you are today.  If time permits, she will read a past life of an audience member.

 Leslie Anne – Spirit Translator

Leslie Anne is an extraordinarily passionate and gifted psychic, medium, healer, empath, channel and wellness intuitive with a clear and profound connection to Spirit.

She translates messages with a compassionate and gentle demeanor, making her a uniquely approachable communicator.

Leslie enhances her connection to Spirit when handling personal objects presented at the readings.  She is also able to pinpoint and identify the source of slowed or blocked energy and help release it.

Leslie Anne is a reader at the distinguished Edgar Cayce Center in Virginia Beach, and continues to provide intuitive guidance and clarity throughout the U.S.

“Your Experience is my Privilege!”

Visit Leslie Anne in her Booth #94 in the International Ballroom