Leslie Cole

Leslie Cole
Free Workshop
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Living in Ferocious Femininity

Sunday, February 22 - 10:00am -11:30am - Newport B
Harness your feminine power to live in unbridled freedom and pleasure.
When a woman is in her divine feminine, she knows who she is, what she wants AND she's sexy! 
In this workshop you will explore two of the five steps of the Majestic Feminine Program - Movement and Receptivity. These are the foundational steps to live in pleasure and freedom as a woman. 
You will discover:
  •  the joy of living in playfulness to attract what you want without so much effort
  • a new self awareness and body love through sensual feminine movement
  • how your connection to your feminine power core directly relates to your purpose
Leslie Cole had it all - six figure paychecks, exotic work travel and a secure lifestyle after twenty-five years in corporate financial services. Then, quite by accident, she discovered the power of her SHE and her world really came alive! A random twirl around a stripper pole in a dance class alighted her on a ten-year deep dive into all things feminine. She created a methodology based upon her own transformational journey and now advises and coaches other women who want to live in the playfulness and pleasure of their sensual, feminine power core. 
Author of the forthcoming erotic romance novel, The Forbidden Brazilian.

Vivit Leslie in her Booth #155 in the International Ballroom