Lillie and Paul Weisbart

Lillie and Paul Weisbart
Free Lecture
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Sacred Scalar Laser and Stillpoint Process

Saturday, February 23 - - - 9:00am to 9:45am - - - Century B

The inspiring information shared by Paul, the inventor of the Scalarwave Laser and Stillpoint Process,  a revolutionary approach to  utilizing subtle yogic technology and sacred scalar energy in daily life, .will show you how you can gently unwind tension, stress, physical ailments, and limiting cell memories that allow patterns of the past to keep repeating.  Experience the advanced, patented Sacred Scalar Lasers that give you the ability to transmute cell memories on a daily basis.  Spending just a few relaxing moments guided in Stillpoint during the presentation.... and each day ongoing in Stillpoint, and/or by also applying a healing cold laser, you will be welcoming a pain-free experience of relief, rejuvenation, ease, and joy.  Imagine a life free from the restriction of pain, discomfort, dis-ease, and physical upset. Imagine receiving restorative scalar energy whenever and wherever you are - at home, at the office, or even while traveling.  Imagine healing faster than ever before while infusing your body with universal light (photons) and energy, erasing aches, pain, and dis-ease that may have been lingering for weeks, months, years ... even decades.  That is exactly what’s possible for you!  Join Us and experience how to Drop Into your Essence at any moment in your life.

Lillie and Paul Weisbart are the developers of Stillpoint, a life-changing subtle yogic approach to welcoming challenges and arriving into the new season here on planet earth. They are also the inventors of the Scalarlaser and other transformational technologies and superfood formulas designed to activate the glands and subtle yogic states. They travel the planet offering seminars and retreats to help others access Stillpoint for health, longevity, and the full flowering of consciousness. Authors of the forthcoming Stillpoint Collection, their patented Scalarlaser technology is featured in their first book, Stillpoint Laser: Unwind and Dissolve into the Quantumfield. For more information, visit  and

And Visit Lillie and Paul in their Booth #301 in the International Ballroom