Lori Spagna

Lori Spagna
Free Workshop
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Dormant DNA & Sacred Key Code Activations

Sunday, Feb 24 – 6:00pm - 7:30pm – Marina

Dormant DNA & Sacred Key Code Activations For You, Your Animals & Your Ancestral Lineage

Your DNA Strands are holding the keys and the codes - Sacred Key Codes - to awaken YOUR greatest potential and align you with the highest and best version of yourself.

These are Light Encoded Frequency Activations to assist you in remembering more of the highest truths, raising your own vibrational frequency, embodying the lightest and highest light.  These energetic attenuations are designed to allow your Spiritual transformation and Consciousness expansion to be easy, graceful, benevolent, and effortless.

These intense Sacred Energy Activations straight from Source to assist you to:
    •    Unplug from the 3D Reality
    •    Manage Ascension Symptoms
    •    Awaken Your Dormant Potential
    •    Activate Your God Codes and Super Human Abilities
    •    Tap into Creator Consciousness
    •    Align with our True Source and Divine Creator Light
    •    Shift into The New 5D Reality & Beyond

Lori Spagna is a best selling author, speaker, visionary, light worker, and starseed who has transformed the lives of thousands of humans and animals via her channeled ascension guidance, intuition, energy healing, and animal communication.  She provides ascension training, sacred energy healing transmissions, and dormant DNA activations for humans and animals.  Get your free gifts from Lori here: www.LoriSpagna.com/freegifts.