Free Lecture
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Create Energetic Power Spaces

Saturday, February 23 - - - 11:00AM TO 11:45AM - - - Century D

Create a vibrant, energetic home environment and connect to the essence and support of home. Unblock energies that may be holding you back. Identify energy sink holes that block your ability to manifest. Learn how creating energetic power spaces for downtime, charging up, and creativity will generate a harmonious, forward moving environment for you. Explore unique and personalized techniques for gridding and energetically connecting your space to the universal flow of life where abundance resides. 


Lyra (Elizabeth Fernandez) has over 30 years experience mentoring individuals in the use of energetic and intuitive skills in everyday situations. She provides unique and personalized insight, useable information, energetic jewelry, and subtle energy tools.  


Visit the Subtle Energy Skills/Hemi-Sync Booth #254 in the International Ballroom