Mabel Katz

Mabel Katz
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Zero Frequency® - The Easiest Way to Live

Sunday, Feb 24 – 6:00pm - 7:30pm – Los Angeles A

This workshop is designed by Mabel Katz, based on her work with Ho’oponopono. 

In the state of Zero Frequency® we learn that our experiences and memories blur our awareness of who we truly are and how we can create the life we want.

An opportunity to remember how to live a happy, productive and fulfilling life, holding onto your true essence.

Are you who you are because of what others have told you?

•    You don’t have to be who you are according to what others think
•    It is ok to be different. In fact, it’s great!
•    It’s easy to be happy: Be yourself and love yourself
•    If you say you can, you can; if you say you cannot, you cannot
•    You never have to lose your joy and peace - that is your birthright

Each one of us has unique and natural talents, gifts, and perfect rhythm.
The workshop is crafted to restore and preserve these innate qualities.

Learn to integrate practical skills for:

•    Appreciating who you really are
•    Letting go of the programming which allowed others to determine who you are
•    Finding your courage and following your passions
•    Releasing what is not you
•    Creating with your thoughts
•    Believing in yourself
•    Trusting in your heart, your intuition, your inspiration  

What would your life be like if you transform challenges into opportunities?

A key part of the workshop is showing you how to:

•    Take 100% responsibility
•    Know that problems are one step-away from freedom
•    Erase problems and “bad energy” simply by saying “Thank You”
•    Live everyday with gratitude
•    Walk in faith

This workshop was created by acclaimed speaker and seminar leader, Mabel Katz, who is a living example of the power and effectiveness of Ho'oponopono, to bring abundance to your life. Mabel Katz is an internationally acclaimed author, speaker, world Peace Ambassador, and creator of Zero Frequency®. She is recognized as a leading authority of Ho’oponopono, or, as she calls it in her books, “The Easiest Way to Happiness, Peace and Abundance." Her teachings reflect Ho’oponopono’s ancient Hawaiian roots of problem solving and have evolved into her own philosophy of Zero Frequency®, a state where we are free of restrictive memories and limiting self-talk. Mabel has also been honored as a Peace Ambassador for her world-peace initiative, Peace Within Is World Peace, which was launched at the United Nations. Recently, Mabel has expanded her peace work to teaching children, including special needs children (Down Syndome, etc), and their parents, as well as men and women currently in prison. Many have said Mabel has changed their lives forever.