Maria Toloza, Nicolas Nuñez

Maria Toloza, Nicolas Nuñez
Free Lecture
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Sense Modulation : A Self-Healing Experience

Sunday, February 24 - - - 4:00pm to 4:45pm - - - Century C

We'll see the importance of creating the appropriate atmosphere to develop the constructive habit of connecting with your highest self. How do natural elements such as color, sound, quartz, aroma, light, and water may serve an immersive experience? Create your own vibrational medicine by magnetizing the coherent molecules of water. The more harmonized you are, the more powerful your projection of intention will be. Technology, science, art, and spirituality are combined to improve your quality of life. We dedicate ourselves to the investigation and development of instruments and vibrational healing experiences, working with alternative and complementary medicine with a holistic focus. Currently, we are developing a software which will enhance our methodology.


Visit Maria and Nicolas in their Vibra Instruments Booth #91 in the International Ballroom