Mona Delfino

Mona Delfino
Free Lecture
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Ascension Through the Science of Healing

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 22 - - - 4:00PM to 4:45PM - - - CENTURY C NOT a Spiritual's a Portal into the Unknown, between individuals and the greater whole of life.  Connect, Commune, Surrender, into the next version of your divine blueprint.
Mona profoundly engages you into your inner truth of freedom and abundance.
Her exuberance precedes her message with insightful perspectives.
Mona is a "Quantum Shaman" who uses and teaches the Alchemy of Science and Spirituality. She's a Master Healer, an author, National Speaker, and leader in Medical Intuition.
Visit Mona in her Booth #513 in the Grand Hallway