Nattasha Bogdanova - Cathy Gabrielsen - Melinda Malone

Nattasha Bogdanova  -  Cathy Gabrielsen  -  Melinda Malone
Free Lecture
Copy of Pause, Heal and the The Silver Lining of Trauma

Sunday, February 24th - 3pm - 3:45pm – Century A

cathy-gabriellson-300.jpgCathy Gabrielsen   –   3:00pm   –  Healing Power of the Pause
Do you know the power of stopping for a moment before moving forward? During an energy healing session and in day-to-day life, the “pregnant pause” you can take is filled with the potential to birth more knowledge, more breath, more clarity, peace, and power into your being. Learn how to stop and pause for a moment to give yourself an opportunity to center and prepare to receive the healing to come.

Cathy Gabrielsen is a speaker, writer, and Graduate Teacher at the Deborah King LifeForce Energy Healing© Center. She founded Cuddle My Kids (a 501c3) to provide free support services to families with cancer.






natasha-bognavova.jpgNattasha Bogdanova   –  3:15pm   –   The Silver Lining of Trauma
Has trauma defined your life and your view of the world? Have you tried to release the painful memories, yet they still have power over you? It takes awareness and commitment to let go of trauma, but if you don’t, you run the risk of holding on to the trauma and suffering. Here you will create awareness of what it means to be a trauma survivor and explore safe and effective ways to regain your power.
Nattasha Bogdanova combines expertise as a business and planning analyst with healing, energy medicine and holistic health counseling. She is a Graduate Teacher in the Deborah King LifeForce Energy Healing Program© and an ordained interfaith minister. She shares knowledge and inspiration in workshops through storytelling and guided meditation.

mindy-malone-300.jpgMelinda Malone  -  3:30pm  –   The Hard-Won Wisdom of Life
Melinda shares her personal story of awakening through the journey of healing from advanced breast cancer. The hard lessons she learned throughout the course of diagnosis, treatment, and recovery can help you successfully navigate and heal from any of your own life’s challenges. Her inspiring story is proof that anything is possible, and is a riveting testimony to the power of truth, love, and faith.
Melinda Malone is an inspirational speaker and energy healing practitioner, available for private and group healing sessions. She is a Graduate Teacher at the Deborah King LifeForce Program© as well as an up-and-coming author, soon completing her first book.