Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony
Special Events
The Opening Ceremony is FREE to Day Pass and Platinum Pass Holders
Portal to Transformation
Sacred Transmission Immersion

Friday, February 22nd – 3:00pm - 4:30pm – La Jolla

Be immersed in the vibrational experience of crystalline soundscapes. Feel the frequency of crystal singing bowls, crystal tuning forks, crystal didgeridoo, sound pyramids, vocal tones, Native America flute, and sacred Sanskrit Mantras permeating your bones. Allow your spirit to jump from the mundane world and the details of our lives into a magical weekend of transformation and knowledge. Hear the wisdom and feel the sacred energy transmission from healing shamans and teachers.

During this Opening Ceremony a sacred container will be created and an intention will be set. With transmissions from wisdom keepers, healers, and blessings from the elements, you will experience light body activation. Your heart will open as you walk through a portal into a weekend of transformation.


lui-and-paul-300.jpgLui Krieg is the Founder and Director of the Crystal Sound Academy, a platform he has created to promote the Sacred Union of Crystals and Sound through organising events and teaching of his healing Art. “I am taking the ancient principles of sacred sound and crystal healing into the 21st century. The way we align ourselves to these new frequencies reaching our planet earth is of highest importance for the expected rise of universal consciousness - The Crystal Sound Activation is an initiation into this new awareness...” The ceremonial aspects for Crystal Sound Activation are derived from ancient cultures, Tibetan, Native America, Egyptian, and Indian. Paul Foss


chamalu-300.jpgChamalú is a spiritual leader and expert in natural medicine who has dedicated his life to the study of ancestral knowledge of the Andes and the Amazon rainforest. Many wise indigenous men and women have shared their knowledge and teachings with him, which have been lost in today’s society.
After research within many different countries and cultures, he consolidated his findings and converted them into a way of life that modern society could live by. For more than 30 years, Chamalú has been sharing his methodologies and messages for harmonious living.
mauareen-st-germain-3panel-2.jpgMaureen St. Germain is the author of 2018’s best-selling book of the year, Waking Up in 5D. She is a highly acclaimed transformational teacher known for her ascension tools. Maureen will guide you through some amazing exercises that will change your basic matrix to always wake up in 5D.
michael-whitehorse-300-copy-3.jpgMichael White Horse: Teacher of Native History, Musician, Artist, Sage, and Ceremonial Guide. Michael's tribal affiliation is the Gabrieleno Tongva, San Gabriel Band of Mission Indians, with ancestral roots from the Southern Paiute and Shoshone people of the Mojave. Michael is a professional multi-media artist with works showing in galleries and museums, and active historic commissioned works in progress. He has played his flutes at Pow Wows and ceremonies throughout California, Washington, Oregon, and the South West. White Horse teaches Tongva history and oversees excavations when it involves his Native Ancestors. He also plays at memorials and ceremonies when called upon. He is a multi-instrumentalist with a new album coming soon. He also expresses his creative talents as graphic designer and screen printer, owning and operating the company.  
daniel-bellone-300.jpgDaniel Bellone is a spiritual leader and Mantra singer that has transformed the lives of thousands across the world sharing a unique experience called “Awakening Through Music” performed in more that 30 countries all over America, Asia, Europe and Oceania. His spiritual wisdom, insights about life and advanced knowledge in ancient yoga blends with soothing melodies and ancestral chants to help people deeply reflect about their lives. discovering their inner truth, evoking the spirit and awakening the heart. Today Daniel is home based in Beverly Hills, California where he is working on a very challenging project to merge the power of ancestral Sanskrit chants that have the power to affect consciousness and modern tunes to delight the audience with an experience of “Music Beyond Entertainment.”

alex.jpgAlex Young: Born to Dr. Robert O Young, the world-renowned leading microbiologist in cellular health, pioneer of "New Biology" and "pH Miracle Living" who dedicated his life to the eradication of all human diseases through systematic pH balance, Alex has enjoyed a life filled with the quest for ultimate health imprinted in his DNA. Often working alongside and inspired by his father and other leaders of the health community, Alex has dedicated himself to the integration and advancement of a multidisciplinary approach to total health. Alex regularly extends his expertise world-wide through leading classes and retreats in order to fulfill his mission of spreading crystalline sound, meditation, and ultimate love and light throughout humanity.