Permaculture Panel

Permaculture Panel
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Permaculture for a Sustainable Future

Saturday, February 23rd – 9:00am - 11:000am – Plaza Ballroom

Permaculture is a set of design principles centered around whole systems thinking simulating or directly utilizing the patterns and resilient features observed in natural ecosystems.

Permaculture design touches on all aspects of life. How do we acquire land? How are homes built? How do we create and use energy, transportation systems and more.

How do people want to live? In symbiosis with our environment, eating tasty, nutritious whole organic food? Or, as consumers ignoring our impact on the health of the planet.


Come join the discussion and dig a little deeper into healthy, sustainable living.

Steven G. Ream, moderator has been focused on sustainable living solutions for decades.  He is an ex media company executive whom has produced hundreds of sustainability related events and has served as CEO of real estate, mortgage, construction, and advertising companies. He is quite knowledgeable within the complexities of land acquisition and cooperative group structures. Currently he is the CEO of a public-benefit association and our panel moderator. He will be available to answer your questions following this panel.

david-king-300-copy.jpgDavid King Leading the way as founder of the Seed Library of Los Angeles, as a UCLA teacher, and Director of The Learning Garden(the famous community garden on the campus of Venice High).
 An entertaining and knowledgeable speaker, David has given thousands of public talks, TV & Radio appearances, and is published in magazines and horticultural journals.  Look forward to his new book, "Growing Food In Southern California" .

nicolelanders.jpgNicole Landers is an advocate for environmental and human health her mission is to guide people into meaningful action. Nicole is the Co-Founder of Venice Community Healing Gardens (CHG). The mission of CHG is fostering community through urban gardening while educating on planetary and human health while growing local food systems.  Nicole is a TEDx Speaker, graduate UCLA Sustainability Certificate Program and has completed the training as a Climate Reality Leader under VP Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Corp.

dean-thomas-300-copy.jpgRehmannia Dean Thomas is a University of California Master Gardener and 15 year resident of Los Angeles Eco Village. He created the first gardens at Eco Village and soon was harvesting enough food to create a CSA for the community. He holds an official title of Superior Herbalist in the Gate of Life lineage of Chinese Tonic Herbalism, and has written 9 books on Chinese herbalism, raw green juicing and natural living. Mr. Thomas is creator and President of Shaman Shack herbs.

steve-wynbrant2.jpgSteven Wynbrandt  is the founder of Wynbrandt Farms, est. 2009, a mini-farm that has become a unique gem of urban agriculture in Los Angeles. He is the protégé of an elder Biodynamic compost master and the torchbearer of a lineage of world-class compost makers. The mission is to teach the WF method of creating optimal soil fertility coupled with precision sowing techniques.


rick-perillo.jpgSince graduating from California State University, Northridge in 2006, Rick Perillo has been exploring and teaching sustainable gardening practices. He has worked on organic farms in New Zealand and Colorado, as well as earned two Permaculture Certificates, his Master Gardener Certificate, and Certificate in Global Sustainability from UCLA. Rick currently is designing and teaching a garden-based curriculum at MUSE School in Calabasas.

ray-cirino-300.jpgRay fulfills his dream of making the world ecologically sustainable while enjoying each moment doing so. In 2012 he was awarded with the City of Los Angeles Certificate of Commendation. Especially interested in the patterns of nature and architecture, he learned before completing an architectural degree at Miami-Dade Architecture school. Ray founded two Water Woman festivals based on permaculture techniques and sustainable art.

tyler-hess-300.jpgTyler Hess is a healer of land, culture, and soul. A certified permaculture designer, Work That Reconnects facilitator, and Way of Council space holder, Tyler interweaves ecological and social regeneration. He graduated college with a degree in Sustainable Agriculture, along with a self-designed major that included wide-ranging interests in Philosophy, Anthropology, Forestry, and Environmental Sociology. For over six years, he has traveled the country, apprenticing at many renowned permaculture farms, homesteads, and intentional communities. Recently engaged in Urban Permaculture creations of an educational center and gardens, where he offers land design consultations, sacred circle facilitation, and herbal medicine crafts in the heart of Urban Oakland.