Fiona, The Persian Medium

Fiona, The Persian Medium
Free Lecture
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Highjack your Subconcious Mind for a Better Life

Saturday, February 23 * 9:00am to 9:45am * Newport B
Understanding the world of spirtuality and how to achieve greater control over our lives require vision and insight which is only acquired through activation of powers of mind and our ability to tap into the psychic powers within. 
In this presentation Fiona will discuss how to train and direct our minds and psyche, or highjack the mind, in order to activate and direct the energy flows within our body and chakras towards empowerment and awakening which will lead to unrealistic and unbleivable achievemnts.  She will demistify the working of the medium and a psychic and explain how our own psyche is meant to be a psychic. Understanding the signs and clues which lead us to activation of our psychic powers is essential to training ones mind to harness the greatness. 
Fiona known as Persian Medium is a celebrity medim and psychic, hypnotherapist healer and author. Known for accuracy of her readings, work with law enforcement in finding missing people, and her great motivational power to transform minds and change client's focus, she has helped numerous people to confront their inner limitations and demons whether in personal or professional life to achieve greater self control for more abundant life and destiny of greatness.
Meet Fiona in her Booth #202 in the International Ballroom