Rabbi Ariel Tzadok

Rabbi Ariel Tzadok
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Extra-Terrestrial Life in the Bible

Sunday, Feb 24 - 2:00pm - 3:30pm - Marina

Kabbalistic Secrets of the Pre-Adamic Civilization

The stories in Genesis were never meant to be taken literally. Since ancient times they were understood in a greater context alongside other sacred texts. Rabbi Tzadok will take you on a journey through ancient literature to show how the angels of the Bible, and many of the extra-terrestrials of today, may indeed be one and the same.

We will also delve into the Pre-Adamic human race, and the race of evolved Dragons, called the Teli. Nothing is as it seems. Come and learn from authoritative sources, and see for yourself!


Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok is the rabbi/director of the KosherTorah School, found online at www.koshertorah.com He is a regular guest of the hit TV series ANCIENT ALIENS. Rabbi Tzadok teaches the ancient Ascent/Aliyah school of Kabbalah, which places emphasis on experiential spirituality. The rabbi is the author of Aiens, Angels and Demons, and other works available on Amazon.com.