Rion De'Rouen, Alexander Mazzone

Rion De'Rouen, Alexander Mazzone
Free Lecture
A Day Pass is required to attend this Lecture
Creating the 5D Human

Friday, February 22 - - - 5:00PM to 5:45PM - - - Century B

Rion and Alexander will discuss the Embodiment of the 5D Human and teach the skills necessary for processing multiple Realities of Consciousness. Each of us has the ability and responsibility to be co-creators of the New Earth. As we learn to harmonize with these higher frequencies, in mind, body and spirit, we can begin to experience our true Divine essence and multidimensional selves.

Team Light members, Rion De’Rouen and Alexander Mazzone, are Galactic Ambassadors and Architects of the New Earth. In collaboration with the Galactic Counsel, they are here to assist in the Conscious Evolution of the Human Race.

Visit Team Light in their Booth #87 in the International Ballroom