Rion De'Rouen, Alexander Mazzone

 Rion De'Rouen, Alexander Mazzone
Free Lecture
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Protecting Yourself against Unknown Forces

Saturday, February 23 - - - 6:00pm to 6:45pm - - - Century D

Rion and Alexander discuss various techniques on identifying, shielding and transmuting the distortions of Light found within the 3rd Dimensional reality. Discernment is an important component as we evolve into higher levels of consciousness. By mastering your energetic space, you will be able to identify and navigate incoming frequencies more rapidly and strategically. 4th Dimensional constructs will be pinpointed along with the entities and various races which exist therein. Real life experiences of Activations, personal and planetary, will be shared in the presentation along with viable techniques to promote Positivity and Abundance for All.

Rion De’Rouen, founder of Etheric Tech & Team Light, is a Galactic Ambassador & Planetary Guardian who creates 5D devices for Energetic Acceleration, Protection & Ascension. Alexander Mazzone, founder of Crystal Current Jewelry & Galactic Tarot is a Reiki Master & Shamanic Healer who creates tools to aid our mind/body/spiritual evolution.

Visit Rion and Alexander in their Booth #87 in the International Ballroom