Robert Perala

Robert Perala
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Extraterrestrials And The Origin of the Soul

Friday, February 22nd – 6:00pm - 7:30pm – Los Angeles B

Robert teaches us about the origin of the soul, the nature of existence, and our relationship with Extraterrestrial lifeforms. He is most noted for his famous abduction by extraterrestrial astronauts in 1977. This incredible power point presentation teaches us about the cycles of our lifetimes and our mysterious relationship with our extraterrestrial ancestors called the Pleiadians. The Lost Book of Job tells us we are decedents of the House of Pleiades. Extraterrestrials are a large part of Earth’s spiritual hierarchy. You will learn about the secrets of life's continuum, the teachings of the masters, and how your dreams might reveal simultaneous potential lifetimes on other timelines as taught by the Veda’s in India. The presentation includes a large amount of UFO photos, pictures of sacred sites, crop circle formations, and what lay ahead in the era of Disclosure.

Robert Perala is the internationally acclaimed author of The Divine Blueprint: Roadmap for the New Millennium, and the new revised edition of The Divine Architect: The Art of Living and Beyond. He is considered by many to be one of North America's finest inspirational speakers. He has been featured on: CNN, The FOX Network, Showtime, and Coast to Coast AM to name a few… He can be found at:

On December 27th 1977 Robert Perala was taken aboard a space- craft by 3 extraterrestrial astronauts. He was returned sunburned and covered in a honey / oil like substance. After locking himself in his apartment for 3 months, he found his way to the first UFO Conference of it’s kind headed up by Dr. J. Allen Hynek founder of Project Blue Book. Robert’s direct contact and his abduction experi- ence is noted worldwide and is one of the most unique on record. In his all new presentation for 2017 he reveals the mysterious connection between our own birth, and the interpersonal relation- ship we share with Extraterrestrials: The Pleiadians, The Orions, The History of Ancient Astronauts in Egypt, and a host of other visitors such as: Discarnants, Ultra- Terrestrials, Loved Ones who have passed over, and our Spirit Committee that walks with us each day. You are being visited everyday by some form of etheric life. In this presentation you’ll learn about the Origin of the Soul, The Secrets of Life's Continuum. You’ll find that we are living simultaneous potential lifetimes on other timelines. Where were you the day before you were born? And when your life is done, what awaits you?