Serena Wright Taylor

Serena Wright Taylor
Free Lecture
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Insights from the Vedas - Extraterrestrials and Consciousness

Friday, February 22 - - - 3:00PM to 3:45PM - - - Century B

Astounding descriptions of Starships, super-highways in space, time travelers, extraterrestrial diplomacy, and the value of consciousness are all aspects of the highly advanced Vedic Civilization which flourished 5000 years ago. Serena will describe some lesser known accounts from the Vedic Texts that will help you ‘connect the dots’ in understanding advanced extraterrestrials and how they relate to us. Time permitting, Serena will also share a more recent case of a human-like ET sighting in a historic city in England.


Serena Wright Taylor is a UFO researcher, award-winning Conference Producer, an Intuitive Vedic Astrologer, and a Humanitarian. She became interested in UFOs and Extraterrestrials from experiences during childhood in England which led her to study philosophy and meditation. She spent many years in Vedic studies of philosophy, arts, and practice while living in temples and was initiated as a Brahmin.