Shima Moore

Shima Moore
Free Lecture
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5D StarPortal: Stargate •Astrology • Moon Phases

Friday, February 22 - - - 3:00pm to 3:45pm - - - Century A

Once activated, the Stargate, constructed on principles of sacred geometry, is an inter-dimensional portal that awakens our DNA and remembrance of who we truly are. Bathed in a palpable field of love, participants effortlessly open to beneficent higher-dimensional beings, eager to assist us to heal, grow, and evolve to our highest potential. Angels, nature divas, ascended masters, star families, and others, often join these experiential “meditations.”
Shima Moore blends high-frequency vibrations with age-old alchemical wisdom of a heavenly cosmos—astrological oracles, insights, and cycles—used by ancients teachers, to advise, assist and guide humanity.

Unearth your own lunar personality and discover how to work with each phase of the moon's powerful Lunation Cycle to successfully and effortlessly manifest your intentions, dreams, etc.

Metaphysical curator, host of "Shima Metaphysics & Moore Radio," Stargate Facilitator, Wordsmith and AstroEducator, Shima Moore, delights in engaging audiences on multiple levels live and online from her home in Mt Shasta. Visit