Steve Mera

Steve Mera
Free Lecture
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Paranormal Mechanics: The Science Behind the Phenomena

Sunday, February 24 - - - 1:00PM to 1:45PM - - - Century C

The word 'paranormal' is attributed to so many things, causing confusion when it comes to scientific evaluation. For a better understanding of such phenomena, it is necessary to dissect and analyze. Focusing on singular occurrences reveals a mechanism. Steve Mera presents a fascinating look into the world of the paranormal and reveals scientific evidence that suggests that many paranormal occurrences are metaphysical in nature and possess fundamental mechanics. This is the next step in advanced paranormal investigations.


Steve Mera, is the UKs most respected researcher in the realms of UFOlogy, the unexplained, and the supernatural, with over 1000 hours of mainstream alternative TV programs, such as: Fright Nights, Origin Unknown, National Geographics ParaNaturalNational Geographic, Wild X-Files, Ghost Cases - CanadaThe Richard and Judy Show, Revealing Secrets, Psychic Live Time, Phenomena Project and many more... Steve Mera is also the head tutor for British Investigators Training Courses in Anomalous Phenomena and UFOs, and the CEO of Phenomena Magazine, the worlds largest free e-zine, distributed in 12 counties to over 1.8 millions subscribers. He has authored: A-Z of the UnknownStrange HappeningsParanormal Insight, and co-authored The Rochdale Poltergeist and The House of Fire and Whispers. Steve is founder of the Scientific Establishment of Parapsychology (est. 1996) and Chairman of MAPIT - Manchester's Association of Paranormal Investigation and Training (est. 1974).