Tatyana Mickushina

Tatyana Mickushina
Free Lecture
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Ascended Masters Teaching About Happiness

Saturday, February 23 - - - 7:00PM to 7:45PM - - - Century B

What is true happiness? The Ascended Masters explain to us what “true happiness” is and how to achieve it. The messages of The Ascended Masters, as received by the messenger Tatyana Mickushina provides detailed instructions and insights showing us the way to true happiness. 

“The whole mechanism of a happy life is integrated within you.” Mother Mary, June 11, 2010

Please note: Presentation will be made by an international team of volunteers. Tatyana Mickushina will not be present.


In 2004, Tatyana Mickushina received the Mantel of Messenger directly from The Great White Brotherhood to be their representative for their Teachings. The Ascended Masters are beings that have reached the next evolutionary step and consider it their duty to help humanity in the development of its consciousness, at this particular time.