Thomas John

Thomas John
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An Afternoon with Spirit

Saturday, February 23rd – 12:00pm - 1:30pm – Los Angeles B

Join Lifetime’s “Seatbelt Psychic”, Thomas John, in An Afternoon With Spirit! During this special event, nationally known medium Thomas John will deliver messages from Spirit from loved ones to as many audience members as he can. Thomas will also talk about his process as a psychic medium and how you can connect with the Spirit world on your own! Whether you or someone else receives a message, it is amazing to witness John channeling and delivering messages from spirits from the Other Side.

Thomas John is a global psychic sensation who has wowed audiences across the world with his impressively accurate messages from ‘the other side’. Hosting sold-out events, Thomas John is one of the nation’s most coveted psychic mediums with influencers, A-list celebrities, and those at crossroads in life from coast to coast and around the globe. Thomas John, gifted since birth, connected with the spirit of his late paternal grandfather at the tender age of four and correctly described to his parents the location of a missing wrist watch that had haunted the family for years. From that point forward, Thomas and his family knew he had prodigious abilities, unlike any they had experienced before Thomas’ infallible track record, ethics and down-to-Earth approach has lead him to being known as one of the world’s top psychics and has earned him an honorable reputation in the industry. He has made innumerable accurate psychic predictions about celebrities that have come to pass often months after he has reported them to the media, including the death of Whitney Houston, the splitting of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, the death of Michael Jackson, and the circumstances surrounding the birth of the royal babies. Thomas John has also had countless visions surrounding medical breakthroughs, political events, and natural disasters, which have come to pass in record time. He is also the author of the book, Never Argue With A Dead Person: True and Unbelievable Stories from the Other Side.