Tammy Lynn Calderon

Tammy Lynn Calderon
Free Lecture
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Awaken, Balance and Optimize Your Chakras

Friday, February 22 - - - 4:00PM to 4:45PM - - - Century D

Come join us as we discover the colors and intentional power of Quantum Balance Crystals and experience their effects on our energy field. QBCs are made with a quartz crystalline technology and infused with over 200 frequencies resonating and harmonizing with all chaotic frequencies including Electromagnetic pollution. Learn how to balance your chakras with color and energy techniques to keep you and your environment feeling joyful and radiant. Free color readings and balance testing are part of the workshop.

Tammy Lynn Calderon is very connected to the Universal Flow of Energies (source) and her spiritual tuning is the core of the QBC rainbow experience.

Visit TLC in her Booth #88 in the International Ballroom