Tracee Dunblazier & Justine Serebrin

Tracee Dunblazier & Justine Serebrin
Free Lecture
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Activate and Focus Your Spiritual Power Using Oracles

Sunday, February 24 - - - 9:00AM to 9:45AM - - - Century C


Processing spiritual energy is a part of everyday life and can leave you feeling overwhelmed with anxiety and sadness or-at-times, ecstatic bliss. Finding a balance with the highs and lows can be a challenge to all the things we set out to accomplish. Using the Rainbow Warrior Activation Deck, you’ll learn daily techniques to activate and focus your energy towards manifesting all the love, peace, and prosperity you want.

Tracee Dunblazier, GC-C, is a Los Angeles based spiritual empath, shaman, and national award-winning author of The Demon Slayer’s Handbook Series and the Rainbow Warrior Activation Deck. As a multi-sensitive, Tracee’s blend of intuitive information combined with different modalities has been the opportunity for thousands of people to achieve deep healing and create the success and peace they seek in their daily lives. Tracee’s compassionate, humorous, down-to-earth style empowers clients and readers to address tender topics with courage, clarity and joy. Tracee specializes in past-life work, soul-retrieval, relationship dynamics, and hauntings of all kinds, and is consistently called upon for expert commentary on spirituality and relationships for the media.
Justine Serebrin is a transformational channel, intuitive artist, and owner of the nationally-acclaimed Earth Altar Studio in Eagle Rock, California. Her career as an artist began shortly after channeling the art pieces that make up the RAINBOW WARRIOR ACTIVATION DECK, she envisioned offering her art to individuals to activate their own self-healing by embracing their personal power through stunning permanent or washable custom tattoo designs.  The cards are used as an oracle for the intuitive tattoo ritual, and reveal the highest intentions and purpose of a tattoo’s symbolism. People come from all over the globe to have this transformational intuitive tattoo experience and to see her widely-sought-after creations, a series of paintings called The Sacred Sea

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