Tracey Ash Post Conference

Tracey Ash Post Conference
Post Conference
Ascension is now - Premier Contact Film Evidence & Training

Monday February 25th – 2:00pm - 4:30pm – Century C
$75.00 In Advance $95.00 At the Door

This experience delivers on STAR-GATES, CONTACT EVIDENCE & ASCENSION TRAININGS FOR NEW WARRIORSHIP. In 2018 Tracey filmed a fleet of UFO’s at Mt. Shasta.

You will be mentored by Tracey Ash and team in premier ascension and contact trainings to unlock the new reality gateway for contact and mobilisation. Here you heal to overhaul destructive dramas, wound response, ego journeys, false matrix manipulation and timelines. This is the reality revolution where SACRED EARTH is ours.

Pioneer of ascension, consciousness, contact and training. Tracey Ash is acknowledged to own the best REAL UFO footage in the world. She works a global premier power-site and conference circuit. EMOTO recognized & PSI JAPAN honorary member.  TRACEYASH.COM