Tracey Ash

Tracey Ash
Free Workshop
This workshop requires a Day Pass.
The Avatar Revolution-Initiation

Saturday, February 23rd – 6:00pm - 5:30pm – Marina

THE TRAINING EXPERIENCE: Initiate a new frontier, quantum, sacred weave of high frequency transmissions for a revolution in individual and collective Ascension, Destiny and Wound Recalibration.
EXPECT: Reality Upgrades, Meta-Physics, Syncs and Manifestations.
This ASCENSION INITIATION ramps up phenomenal high frequency, miracles and magic. We believe in every individual’s sovereign right to sacred matrix overhaul. Here you jump the False Matrix and Timelines. THE SACRED GATEWAY IS OURS. We mobilize in spirit, soul and sacred destiny. We aid each other,synchronizing and revolutionizing vision of humanity and one. We switch on light and frequency up for world and spiritual revolution..

Tracey Ash & E - Chin
REVOLUTION in ascension, consciousness, REAL contact experiences and training. She owns the best REAL UFO footage in the world. She works premier power-sites and conferences circuit. Keeper of Sacred Contacts, Ancient Intelligence, Earth.
EMOTO recognized & PSI JAPAN honorary member.